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Super Thin Magnetic Strobe Light

RM 306.00

Red-Blue Magnetic Strobe Light

Red & Blue LED strobe light emits bright lights. Device uses 12V cigarette plug and able to be secured on the car roof using the magnetic base. 

  • Light Colour: Red-Blue
  • Power Source: Car 12V Cigarette Plug
  • Wire length: 3m
  • Size: 18 x 32 x 4cm
  • High quality LED bulbs emits bright lights.
  • 360 degree lights
  • Magnetic base with rubber cover to protect car paint.
  • ABS casing can withstand heat and abrasion.
  • 5 different mode

Suitable to be used on Fast Response Vehicle, community patrol, auxiliary police and etc. Please check your local rules and regulations before purchase.