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  • BOY: M107-3
  • GIRL: M107-4
  • The limbs have seamless structures.
  • The head moves in every direction. (Please hold the model by supporting the head as you would do in holding a neonate.)
  • The weight of the head has the same proportion as that of a neonate.
  • The anterior fontanelle and ribs can be palpated.
  • Water infused into the mouth flows out from the urethra so that changing diapers can be practiced.
  • Simulated soft stools can be used to carry out cleaning training.


Renewed more like newborns with weak neck muscles.



1. Bathing

Bathing is an important item of the practice of maternal nursing and is an infant-care skill that must be taught at maternal classes. The "Baby" is nearly a life-size model of an infant with soft skin and gives a very real feeling in washing it.



2. Simple baby exercise and feeding

The baby can be fed by having it hold a feeding bottle in its mouth. Water infused into the mouth flow out from the urethral orifice, so that changing of diapers can be practiced realistically.

Simple baby exercise and feeding


3. Dressing/undressing and changing diapers

The baby has wider ranges of joint motions than earlier models, and it can simulate cooperative limb movements in changing clothes. In changing diapers, it gives a feeling very close to lifting the buttocks of a real neonate.

Dressing / undressing and changing diapers


4. Anal thermometry and various measurements

Since there is an anal orifice, anal thermometry and anal stimulation can be practiced. The baby is recommended also for the practice of various body measurements such as height, body weight, head girth, and chest girth.

Anal thermometry and various measurements



Usable also for the practice of umbilical treatment, cleaning of the acoustic meatuses and nostrils, and guidance at infant screenings.


Height:    49cm
Weight:    About 3.3kg
Material:    Silicone

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